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Seeing life from a different angle December 24, 2010

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I finished my Corporate Reporting paper of ACCA with a usual feeling of regret that I could have done better had I at least revised xyz topics. As I started looking around in order to divert my attention from the regretful thoughts, headache and empty stomach, suddenly I saw a young lady on the 3rd row to my left, still writing. Surprised I was, as the ACCA do not allow to let you write once the examination is over. A closed glance at her revealed something which made me forget all my regrets and pain. She was given extra time because of her disability. The lady had only one eye and that is so weak that she was actually using a magnifying glass to see through properly what she was writing. Admired with her dedication to reach to the professional level stage, I couldn’t believe seeing her giving one of the toughest paper of the ACCA. It also reminded me of a video I saw on internet about an inspiring motivational speaker Nick Vuijic, who without arms and legs defeated all the hurdles to achieve his dreams

I wondered, how come somebody with some disabilities and shortfalls can ignore the hardship of life. After pondering over the issue I concluded that the key thought which which can lead to make the things turn around and if it gets developed inside us, would change our perspective of seeing the life . The key thought was that if we continue to cry for what we don’t have, there are possibilities that we would lose what we already have. It may sound like something very simple thought but, for a change in perspective, this thought has to be cultivated in your character.

There are some rules which we can learn from such admirable people, who, with lesser capabilities than us, teaches how to be content and thankful. I have tried to put myself in their position and have come up with some rules which if applied could become the underpinning rules for a happy and content life. They are;

1) In all situation, see the glass half full, instead of seeing half empty

2) Never think that unfavourable circumstances would never provide you the alternate solution. You might find something better than you had expected

3) Stop looking up, instead look down

4) Life is short, so the comfort period in it is shorter. Make the best use of your good times

5) Don’t listen to negative thoughts. Either from inside or outside. Your inside has to learn how to see things in a positive way whereas the outside don’t understand you completely and;

6) Stop regretting for not having what you desired. You can’t control everything, so make the best use of what is available to you