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Nonsense March 17, 2011

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We all do some actions which we later find preposteurus. We do them thinking they are the only option we have and are perhaps the most sensible actions. These nonsense acts are driven by our instinct and habit instead of logical thinking. But, since we all possess subnormal intelligence, it make sense to do nonsense act. Without further confusing myself I just come straight to what I am going to write this time. I just happened to start counting some very nonsense act I do in my routine, and have reached to a conclusion that ‘I might need to take some drastic steps to keep them countable’. I wonder why I;

-Press the elevator call button second time when I know I have already pressed it
-Press the door-close button multiple times in elevators, when I know the door has already started closing
-Frisk myself to search for pen, when somebody ask for it and I am damn sure I don’t have it
-Cross the road from the point which is only few meters away from the zebra crossing
-Wear the shirt which I didn’t like at the first sight, but since I get confused I give it a benefit-of-confusion and wear it finally
-Take blanket after switching on the air conditioner
-Always press snooze button to take 5 minutes extra sleep knowing that I always get late to office with 5 minutes

And the list continues…



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