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Chicken Fried Rice June 19, 2011

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Living abroad without family means trying different cuisine outside. “Chicken Fried Rice”, though not very new to me at the time when I tried it in a Pakistani restaurant in Sharjah, became a reason for my addiction to it. I ordered it regularly to figure out what ingredients the chef is using to prepare that extremely tasty fried rice. I tried it at home and yes, found myself successful. I figured out that it doesn’t require much ingredients and is too simple to make. So what was the key item which was making it unique? It was the use of chikken tikka, instead of boiled/normally cooked chicken. Here is its recipe

For 2 persons
Two chest piece Tikka
Rice (3 Cups)
Carrot 1
Capsicum 1
Eggs 2
Black Pepper/Salt/Oil as per requirement

1. Boil the rice until water is soaked and evaporated. For better taste don’t boil to the extent that it becomes too soft
2. Cut capsicum and carrot in small pieces
3. Cut chicken tikka into small pieces (approx. 2 inch pieces)
4. If tikka isn’t available, boil the chicken and fry the pieces in little quantity of oil (approx 2 table spoons). Put any other masala (shan’s karahi,tikka etc) over it and fry it until it turns light brown (though it can’t be the exact alternative of tikka)
5. Beat the eggs
6. Now all the ingredients are ready to be mixed.
7. Put 2 table spoons oil and heat it, as per the space available in the fry pan, put rice, beaten egg, capsicum, carrot and chicken. Put them in such a way that they can be mixed easily.
8. Put black pepper powder over it
9. Take it out in a container
10. Best served with raita (yougurt with chili, cumin seeds and mint)



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